Papantla Flyers Enjoyed by Hundreds of People

Papantla Flyers Enjoyed by Hundreds of People

Papantla Flyers Enjoyed by Hundreds of People

  • By Jorge de la Torre

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    December 26, 2011
  • In: Puerto Vallarta

Hundreds of locals and tourists enjoyed the Papantla Flyers ceremony on Saturday, which began with the ritual of the tree of life (represented by a mast), a offering of gratitude and a dance all routed in Totonac culture which follows thepre-Hispanic calendar.
These artists have been working on the Malecon in Puerto Vallarta since 2004 and, due to the support of thousands of people, beginning on Saturday this show that is like no other and has become an important tourist attraction, will again take flight.

The main objective of the show is to attract tourism and to inform visitors of the pre-Hispanic culture so that it is not lost. Each part of the costumes hold meaning for the Flyers, as the plume represents triumph, the ribbons represent the colors of the rainbow, embroidery and beadwork represents the beauty of nature.  In addition, the red of their costumes represents the values that they honor during the ceremony and the white represents the purity of the humans.  Small mirrors sewn into their costumes are meant to convey a reflection of life.

The Papantla Flyers are made up of Crisanto Jimenez Mendez, Santiago Maldonado, Gabino Maldonado, Mario de Jesus Bautista, Alejandro Mendez, Jose Juarez and Alvaro Santiago Garcia, who say they were happy with their new home on the renovated Malecon.
"We are very happy, because our purpose is for us to continue presenting our dance as we have already done for 8 years. I thank my colleagues and the authorities for supporting us and the audience coming to see us again." said Crisanto Medez.

At the end of the ceremony, which was widely applauded by the audience, several people came to congratulate the Flyers on their amazing show and for the opportunity to take a souvenir photo.

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